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The summer is here and it’s time to go outside and enjoy the sunshine – or catch some little monsters. As Pokémon Go has become an overnight hit since its release less than two weeks ago, it may be good for kids and parents to get some background information. The game is fascinating and fun – but the first warnings on sites such as Common Sense and Medienratgeber ‘Schaut Hin!’ have already popped up, some for good reason.

Some advice on dealing the the Pokémon Go! phenomenon by NMS teacher and head of IT Annemieke Akkermans is below.

Dear Parents, dear Colleagues, dear NMS Students,

It is time for me to say farewell and thank you for all the support, encouragement and kindness I have received over the past three years. Being the head of a school of this size and character can be a true challenge, but at no point have I been without the clear feeling that the community here is passionately committed to the special purpose and spirit of the school. To me, in hindsight, this is the strongest point about the Nelson Mandela School, and an asset that deserves as well as requires special attention and care – just as some of the student speakers adroitly explained it to me in a first meeting.

In my term, I have focused on the creation of structures – procedural and co-operational – so that the school would be able to stride along more smoothly after a phase of rapid growth. With the aim for more lateral responsibility and initiative, there are now more groups who self-confidently claim areas they want to take care of. With the question still open of who will be the new team of principals, it is comforting to see that the school has enough faculty members who are willing to step in and provide a transition leadership team.

In addition, they are privileged, as I have been myself, to be supported and propelled by the collaborative energy of our students and parents: my sincere thanks for their open minds, fairness and confidence.

I will take this Mandela spirit with me as a precious gift and cherish it as best I can.

With best wishes to the NMS and its community,

July 13, 2016
Christian Nitschke

Liebe Nelson-Mandela-Community,

nach 10 Jahren Nelson-Mandela-Schule werde ich ab dem 31. August 2016 das Amt der Schulleiterin an der Paula-Fürst-Schule in Berlin-Charlottenburg antreten.

Als ich im November 2006 meine Tätigkeit als Stellv. Schulleiterin der NMS in der Kastanienallee begonnen hatte, war der Geist der Nelson-Mandela-Schule noch im Entstehen. Durch die vielen unterschiedlichen Standorte in ganz Berlin entwickelte sich erst allmählich das, was wir heute ganz selbstverständlich als Spirit der Nelson-Mandela-Schule bezeichnen: Zusammengehörigkeitsgefühl, Mut zu neuen Ideen, aktive Einbeziehung von neuen Mitgliedern (Eltern, SchülerInnen und LehrerInnen) in diese Gemeinschaft, aber auch die Stärke, Widersprüche auszuhalten und diese offen zu benennen. Kurz: ein Ort zum gemeinsamen Wachsen bei aller vorhandenen Diversität und Buntheit.

Es erfüllt mich mit Demut und mit Zufriedenheit, dass ich aktiv Anteil an diesem Wachsen haben durfte.