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The Hour of Code is a grassroots campaign, supported by over 200,000 educators worldwide, to introduce the basics of coding/programming to everyone who is interested, from 4 to 104. The Hour of Code takes place each year during Computer Science Education Week, which was this week, 5-11 December 2016. More information can be found here:

Computing has such an impact on our lives, that students should learn its basics from an early age on. NMS also took part, among them class 6B as well as the Computing WUV/workshop with students from grade 6-10 and Flex A. One 6-year old: “I know what the problem was. I did walk, jump, but I should have done 3 walks, then jump, then the same thing. I can use a repeater.” These are not just games; students really learn the basics of algorithmic thinking, in a most engaging way.  When you want to take it one step further, connect the code (created in Scratch for example) to the real world, using Arduino and Makey Makey. The latter is a kind of micro controller that, when connected to a device, is able to create a circuit which makes any conductive object (or person!) interactive. We've been using a banana for a controller and worked on an imteractive maze through the computer room. It doesn’t feel like learning. But it is :)

Annemieke Akkermans
Teacher / Head of IT NMS

Photos by Melanie Schindler & Annemieke Akkermans

Some of you may have been a bit disappointed that the yearbook didn’t actually appear at the end of the year and I am sorry. Now I’d like to say we learn from our mistakes. So in order for everything to run sooo much smoother than last year, for me and for everyone else, it would be wonderful if we could stick to deadlines :) So I am already setting some. Here they are:

The Ampelparty on Wednesday, 30 November 2016 was a lot of fun – even though it was drizzling and chilling cold.

After school, home-made cookies, traffic light gummy bears and balloons were given to all students, parents and teachers crossing Hohenzollerndamm at the new pedestrian traffic light.

We are so glad to have a safer situation when crossing the busy street. However, we miss the 30km signs that were taken off in exchange and hope that no one dares to cross the red lights.

Dear parents of our 5th-, 6th, 7th- and 8th Grade Band students,

The Music Department of the Nelson Mandela School proudly presents:


Thursday, 26 January 2017
5 pm Primary Aula (P23)

Performing Artists:

  • Bands from Grades 5, 6, 7 and 8
  • Mendelssohn-Bartholdy Music School
  • various Ensembles and Soloists from the NMS

Ticket pre-sales will start on January 23 (daily at 4pm in front of P23).

Please note: It is mandatory for all band members to participate in the concert.

Chaperones are (as always) very much welcome and needed. In January we will send out a doodle-list where you can enter your name if you are willing to support us at the event.

Best regards

Regina Ziche
Anja Schiebold
Rebecca Pierson
Rob Gutowski
Tom Zlodre
Thomas Langlotz

Ein großes Lob an alle Künstlerinnen und Künstler & herzlichen Dank an unser tolles Publikum.

We had decided spontaneously to participate in an UNESCO contest with the aim to develop ideas for a global education on sustainability. Since one of our main worries is the global inequality of men and women, we developed ideas on what impact make-up has in this discussion and came up with sustainable alternatives based on local ingredients. We were chosen to present and promote our idea at the Deutsch-Afrikanische Jugendakademie in Senegal. There we participated in many workshops regarding Sustainability, Global Warming and Gender Equality. The workshops were also partly connected to the arts including film, music and theatre. The aim was to find common ground between two very different cultures and opinions with dedicated Senegalese students and German students.

We spent our time in Kaolack, which is the second largest city in Senegal after the capital Dakar. There we met students from the most populated school in the area, which has about 4600 students and one class can include as many as 80. On the first day we were allowed to walk through the city and our initial feelings were how shocking it was to see such poverty and lack of infrastructure. There were lots of stray animals, mostly goats, roaming around freely. The people showed high amounts of hospitality and compassion incomparable to here. During the workshops we had a few disagreements due to varying opinions and beliefs between the African and Germans. Discussions, professional input and productive project work made our stay an unforgettable experience and we learnt a lot that we could not have learnt in school.

Lilka Palokangas Prohm and Jasmine Brown (both from 10a)

The year 8 ski trip 2017 will take place from 17.3.-25.3.2017.

Art takes a lot of time – NMS Upper Secondary students from both the Abitur and IB program came to the Art Department at P30 on Nov 20, 2016 between 12pm and 6pm to work on their canvas projects. They enjoyed the quiet and relaxed atmosphere without the pressure of the tight daily schedule and worked intensely among experts. The productive situation will be repeated two more times before Christmas.