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09.12.2015, 19:00, Aula, P30.    

As promised in these last few days, we present you our new IB/ABI Study Room. We hope you all sign up and use the chance to have a calm study environment. We know the following explanation is a little long, however it is important we are all on the same page so we can ensure this project to be successful.

What is the idea?

The school shares our view that the upper secondary students are in dire need of more quiet areas to study. So far previous attempts have not been successful, because either the students broke the rules or the SV did not do enough to preserve a good study environment. We believe that we can do it this time. In order for it to work there are some criteria which have to be met. The school agrees that a way to make sure the Study Room stays open and gives as many people as possible a chance to use it is that the students provide supervision for each other. To do that we have developed a simple system which will hopefully make sure the IB/ABI Study Room stays a friendly learning environment.

For digital skills@home and in school!
For Students, Parents, Teachers & Educators

Check this page every month for the latest and greatest Cool Tool curated by NMS’s own Annemieke Akkermans, a Secondary IT and Flex class teacher.

The Cool Tool of the month is Riddle, because it is free, fun and effective. Quiz-maker Riddle convinces from the moment you enter their website. Boom – straight to the very easy sign-up process: no need to confirm your email address, just get going immediately. Whether you want to create an opinion poll, pop quiz or list – you are just one button-click away. Teachers can create quizzes, share the link and ask students to submit their choices online or take the quiz together in the classroom. 

What better way to convince you to try this new Cool Tool than by whipping up a quick quiz? In less than 15 minutes a short NMS quiz was created on Riddle, including some images. Try it out below or at and see how easy it is to create quizzes for your students or to share on your (class) blog or website. Fonts, visuals, colours – all easily adjustable. Videos can be embedded directly via YouTube (or TeacherTube!), photos selected straight from the web or your computer. Riddle is completely free for individual users. Go quizzing!

Der Fachbereich Musik lädt ein: ZWISCHEN DUNKELHEIT UND LICHT – ein musisch-literarischer Abend amm 10.12.2015 um 17.30h in der Aula, Pfalzburger Straße 30 mit dem Orchester und Musik-Ensemblekurs der Nelson-Mandela-Schule & Überraschungsgästen. Eintritt frei.

The Yearboolk makers need explicit permission (or refusal) to include photographs and students’ names in the Yearbook. Please fill in this online form.

If you don’t want to fill in an online form, please print it out, sign it, scan it in and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thanks!

The Musical Group presents MATILDA on 8 December 2015, 16:30-17:15 and 17:30-18:15, Aula, P30.08.12.2015, 16:30-17:15 & 17:30-18:15, Aula, P30.

Dear choral parents,
The choir will sing this year again at the winter bazaar. The home-made jams, jams and chutneys was a great success last year so we are selling it again. We would like to raise money for choir folders.  We are asking the choral parents, grandparents and school-friends to donate Jam Home-made jams and chutney for our stand. Empty glasses/jars can be picked up in the music room in the primary school. The winter bazaar takes place on Saturday, the 28/11/2015 from 12:00 – 16:00 P.M. in the secondary school gym. We would appreciate as many parents to take part either with chutney, jams or helping with the choir stand. Should you still have questions, please contact me at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Looking forward to your participation.

The Nelson Mandela Choir will sing Christmas Carols at the Indian Embassy on the 15th of December at 9:00 A.M. 35 students will be chosen to perform Christmas Carols from around the world. We will leave the school at 8:30 A.M. and return around 12:30 P.M. The Indian Embassy is located at Tiergartenstrasse 17, 10785 Berlin. The dress code is white shirt and black pants. On the same day at 4:30 – 5:15 P.M. and 5:30 – 6:15 P.M. we will have our annual Christmas/Winter Concert. We will need Chaprones to help with organisation. For example: tickets, support at the entrances, kitchen, keeping the children in the music room and quiet. We also need parents to donate cakes, cookies, and drinks. If you have any questions please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank you for your support.
Sincerely yours,
Gary Beaner, Choir Director

______ My son/daughter can attend

______ My son/daughter can not attend

An information evening for year 9 and new year 10 students and parents regarding MSA and other year 9/10 school leaving certificates as well as requirements for entry into year 11 Abitur/IB will be held on December 3rd, 2015 at 7pm in the Aula, P30.


NMS wins Debating Matters Competition (18.11.2015)

Dear NMS Community

Inspite of the incredibly difficult and hard times that we all face due to the recent terror attacks in Paris and the threats to many countries not only in Europe but all over the world, I am proud to announce that our students always manage to "shed a little light in the dark", which I would like to share with you as I personally believe debating will prove a valuable tool in a multicultural society in the future.

The following students from both Abi and IB: Niel Casas IB & Ehsan Mojahedi-IB, Tobias Bergmann-Abitur & Cody Hageman-Abitur, Mark Barsch-IB & Julia Dannemann-IB cojoined to form three strong debating groups that argued their cases against six leading Gymnasium groups (see more information on the contending schools below). Kim Nicole-IB and Clara Schneck came with us to offer support and encouragement to the teams.

The Venue was at the BITS (Die Unternehmer Hochschule) in Bernauer Street and it was organized and coordinated by Sabine Bepplar from the Freiblick Institut:Ideen für eine bessere Zukunft. The wonderful British Debating Team pulled all of the strings, turning this into a momentous occasion for all of the Berlin Schools.

The IT Development Group is happy to announce that the NMS Pfalzburger Straße campuses are now largely connected to WLAN, with a few 'Baustellen' being fixed in the weeks to come. We will make the wireless network available to upper Secondary students, starting with year 12 and 13 (Abi & IB). Those students are asked to print, read and sign our school's Acceptable Use Policy Agreement and hand in the agreement personally on Thursday afternoon, December 3rd between 12 and 2 PM, at Joseph Thurai's office. Students under 18 require their parents' written consent as well. Please note that you will not be able to access the wireless network unless you register your device's MAC/WiFi number (see agreement for more info). Only completed and signed agreements will be accepted. When everything works out and our network has sufficient capacity, we will extend the wireless network access to year 11 after the Winterferien, under the same conditions.

Annemieke Akkermans
Head IT Development Group

Berlin International Music ProjectBIMP 2016 Signup Deadline

Dear Parents, Dear Students,
It is time again to sign up for the Berlin International Music Project.

Kind Regards,
Anna (Panni) Kovacs / BBIS & NMS Music Department