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Alkohol ist einer der schädlichsten weil tödlichsten Drogen, jedoch für Erwachsene legal verfügbar und für Jugendliche relativ leicht zu beschaffen. Daher ist es umso wichtiger sich frühzeitig mit der eigenen Haltung  gegenüber dieser, wie auch anderen Drogen gegenüber zu beschäftigen.

Mit der Schultour von „Hackedicht- oder was?“, einem Programm des Deutschen Kinderschutzbundes in Zusammenarbeit mit der Knappschaft, konnte der Sozialpädagogische Bereich ein Angebot an die NMS holen, das den Raum für die Diskussion über legale und illegale Drogen in adäquater Form in der Schulgemeinschaft aufmacht.

Grundlage der Diskussion war ein Theaterstück von Eisi Gulp zum Thema, welches am 11.10.2016 vor Schüler*innen der 8. (komplett) und 9. (teilweise) Jahrgangsstufe aufgeführt wurde. In der anschließenden Nachschulung des pädagogischen Personals  durch Condrobs, wurden dann drei Methoden der möglichen Aufarbeitung vermittelt, die direkt am nächsten Tag in einigen Klassen erfolgreich zum Einsatz kamen. Alle anderen Klassen, die das Theaterstück gesehen haben, werden nach den Herbstferien ebenfalls nachgeschult. Schülerzitat zur Nachschulung: „Es hat großen Spaß gemacht und es war schön, einfach mal was von uns erzählen zu können.“

Job Start for a temporary position following the Christmas Break in Berlin 2016/2017.

Some of you may be a bit disappointed that the yearbook didn't actually appear at the end of the year and I am sorry. The yearbook will appear latest at the Festival of Nations on 8 October 2016.

Now I'd like to say we learn from our mistakes. So in order for everything to run sooo much smoother than last year, for me and for everyone else, it would be wonderful if we could stick to deadlines :) So I am already setting some.

GRADUATING CLASSES OF 2017: Please send in the information and pictures for the individual profiles BY CHRISTMAS and decide on 1-2 people who I can be in contact with and who can approve or decide changes of the profiles. The other pages (LKs/HLs) can be send in by the 31ST OF MARCH 2017, which will be the standard deadline again for everyone. For each Tutorium I will need a contact person as well.

10TH GRADE: You get four pages per class. Deadline: 31st of March 2017

EVERYONE ELSE: 2 Pages(1 double page) per class. Deadline: 31st of March 2017

The issue of permissions slips will be tackled at a later point but will be due by the 31st of December 2016. If the use of Name or Picture was not explicitly forbidden by that date, we will assume that permission is given.

Every class needs one contact person except the graduating classes which was mentioned above. PLEASE SEND ME A CONTACT PERSON ASAP.

Please send in your contributions as PDF files in a good quality.

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Yara Abdel-ghany

Primary: With great joy two teams of the NMS Primary took part in the Berlin MiniMarathon. It was an unbelievable experience to start with 14,000 students and finish at the Brandenburg Gate cheered by so many spectators. 

The boys finished 75th of 184 schools, the girls 75th of 120 schools. Congratulations!

The individual times can be viewed online or at the sport board in P23. Thank you to all the teachers that made this possible.

Photos Primary: Florian Lanicer

Secondary: Herzlichen Glückwunsch an alle unsere 61 Läuferinnen und Läufer der Sekundarstufe,  die am 24.09. bei strahlendem Sonnenschein die 4,2195 Kilometer erfolgreich bewältigten. Wir trafen uns traditionell im Sony Center, gemeinsam mit dem Team der Grundschule. Insgesamt starteten 10.010 Schülerinnen und Schüler aus ganz Deutschland beim diesjährigen Mini-Marathon. 10 Schüler bzw. 10 Schülerinnen bildeten je ein Team. Einen herausragenden 4. Platz, Platz 18 und Platz 38 von 51 teilnehmenden Mannschaften erreichten in der Wertung der Oberschulen unsere Mädchen. Unsere Jungen erreichten in ihrer Wertung Platz 10 und Platz 53 von 71 teilnehmenden Teams.
Jörg Fraikin

Dear NMS Community,

Management and the School Conference of Nelson Mandela School are happy to welcome the new Head of School, Mr. Gerald Miebs.

He will join us after the Autumn Break.

On behalf of School Management

Ina Claussen

On Thursday, September 29th 2016, the new Basketball court at P23 was inaugurated. Special thanks went to all the parents represented by the parent representatives that made this project happen.

We would also like to thank everyone else for their support (teachers, students, former students and parents).

In a short match, a teacher/educator team played against a student team, cheered by a large audience. We are looking forward to many more matches on the new court.

Thanks to Flex A for the Thanks picture on the right and Florian Lanicer for the photos below.

For digital skills@home and in school!
For Students, Parents, Teachers & Educators

The Nelson Mandela School Cool Tools are collected, shared and written by NMS teacher and Head of IT Annemieke Akkermans. Her favourite cool tools for educators are interactive, promote engaged learning, are free of charge and don’t require the creation of an account. Check out the latest Cool Tool!

for September 2016: CommonLit (

Back to school and no time to create all your teaching materials from scratch? Teachers, browse through this free collection of short texts, news articles and poems, and get the questions for your students thrown in. Great resource, rather US-focused, yet containing plenty of generic texts. Assign text-dependent questions to hold students accountable for high-level reading and writing. Analyze student performance and compare class reports on key reading and writing skills. Suggested class-level per text.100% free for teachers and students. What’s not to like?