On December 13, 2017, the 17 students of the Year 12 Higher Level Art Class went to their “extended art campus” at Bauhaus Archive to receive a training on how to become a LIVE SPEAKER for the actual exhibition NEW BAUHAUS CHICAGO. A team of four museum pedagogues along with our Bauhaus agent Friederike Holländer introduced our students to the exhibition at the Bauhaus Archive and with role play practiced their duties as student guides for the museum. After having dealt with photography for the entire semester, the students feel quite confident about the topic and are ready to each take over two to three shifts in their free time as a life speaker for the visitors. At the end of the three-hour workshop the students had the chance to create their own experimental photographs by using the effects of light and shade, reflecting objects and attributes and moving devices.

We will keep you updated about the experience of live speaking at Bauhaus Archive.


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